Article #03
what makes our shoes great?


Former professional ballet dancer, Håvard Engell gained his expertise as a coach at the Olympic Sports Centre (OSC) in Oslo. For fifteen years, he was responsible for technical performance, balance and injury prevention in more than thirty different sports. With over forty years of experience, Engell is now world-renowned for his expertise on balance and gait—a legacy that he has poured into GaitLine footwear.


At the core of GaitLine’s superior performance lies the SGL sole—a technology Engell developed during his time at OSC and later patented. To help athletes achieve superior balance and technical performance, Engell defined the optimal balance-axis along the foot and called it, “The Sensory Gait Line”. With the SGL technology, a GaitLine shoe is stimulating your body to become more aligned, more balanced and more functional. In short; GaitLine is the ideal footwear for your everyday performance.

The World's Best Walking Shoe

From day one, GaitLine’s ambition was to make the world’s best walking shoe, an ambition continuously supported by a strong science & research team. Today, 8 out of 10 customers experience enhanced performance, and GaitLine is increasingly favoured by sneaker freaks, dancers, athletes and young professionals alike.