and a few facts you probably didn´t know.

What is GaitLine?

GaitLine is an innovative and biomechanically advanced footwear company of Norwegian origin, providing solutions for the standing and walking human being.

What does gait mean?

A manner of walking. A step or a stride.

What is SGL™?

Our patented Sensory Gait Line; SGL™, is the heart of the GaitLine™ shoe-technology. The SGL™ technology is optimizing the weight distribution on the foot and activating proper alignment throughout your body while standing and walking.

What´s special about GaitLine footwear?

The GaitLine™ shoe technology was invented to address two significant factors related to human quality of life: posture and locomotion.

  • The GaitLine™ footwear is positioning the bones and joints in the foot and ankle to stimulate an optimal interaction - from the foot all the way to the top of the head.
  • The GaitLine™ shoe-technology is minimizing the loading and stress on joints and soft tissue in the plantar area of the foot (the area underneath the foot) as well as knee- and hip joints.

GaitLine™ footwear is gently guiding the foot and lower extremities to facilitate a harmonious posture and appropriate locomotion, reducing the stress on the muscular and skeletal system. It might absolutely be worthwhile to invest in a pair of GaitLine™ shoes.

Will GaitLine shoes work for everyone?

The structural anatomical makeup and sensory system is the same amongst most humans. For every single human, the foot alone has to carry the burden of supporting the body weight, while balancing on a relatively small area. Therefore, the foot is subject to great pressure loads. The SGL™ works to locate and balance the weight-distribution throughout the foot, from the moment of heel impact to toe push-off. From research we have conducted the fact that most humans have approximately the same foot structures, the SGL™-technology should be a suitable solution for most people. The only exception might be people who have a severe lateral foot-position, a severe supinating foot postition.

Can I use customized orthotics or inserts in my GaitLine™ shoes?

By removing the GaitLine™ insole, you will find there’s much space for a customized insole. Having said so, our experience is that the SGL™construction of the GaitLine™ shoes works similarly to most orthotics, and for most people even better than with customized orthotics.

We therefore recommend customers to test the GaitLine™ shoes with the original insole before testing a customized insert. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Tell me more about your shoes.

All GaitLine™ products are designed in Norway. It took five years to finalize the SGL™ technology and prepare for mass production. The GaitLine™ production is in Busan, South Korea. Our factory has a long lineage of skilled, experienced workers, hand-crafting every single pair of shoes. Our production manager is born Korean. He has more than 35 years of experience in shoe production, and is an important person in structuring and organizing the complexity of shoe production. Representatives from GaitLine™ HQ in Norway are always present at the production line for production control. By doing so, we come to understand the unique distinctiveness (unique life) of shoe production.

We use only top quality materials, to ensure that the comfort is at the highest level. Our patented SGL™ Sole construction is made of Polyurethane (PU), that has a long lasting durability, unlike Phylon and EVA materials that are most common in typical sport shoes. The GaitLine™ shoes are meant for everyday use, at home, at work or on vacation. GaitLine™ is developed for people living in an urban society, helping them keep up their quality of life.

We are proud to distribute a product that is 100% our own concept, both in terms of technology and design.