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Shoe FAQ

1. Why should I buy GaitLine shoes? (What's special about GaitLine shoes?)

It is a proven truth today that many people, both young and old struggle with pain and problems in the musculoskeletal system. It is also an accepted understanding that many of these problems are caused by improper use of the feet - the way our feet are loaded during standing and walking. Erroneous motions and strain patterns in the foot and ankle joints will stress the global interaction of bones, joints, connective tissue and muscle in the whole body. The GaitLine technology is based on the latest scientific understanding of two important elements coming together to secure proper posture and balance during standing and walking. One aspect is the position and mechanical articulation of the bones in the foot and ankle joint and the second aspect is the influence of sensory input from the cutaneous system in the plantar area of the foot (- the skin under the foot). The GaitLine technology is taking into account both aspects. The GaitLine technology is gently supporting and guiding the foot to walk and stand in an appropriate manner and thereby reducing the load on the muscle and skeleton system. The GaitLine technology is stimulating an optimal interaction throughout the whole body. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to invest in a pair of GaitLine shoes.


2. Based on the fact that all people have different feet, will the SGL-line fit all?

There are far more similarities than differences among people, when comparing the anatomy, mechanical properties and sensory systems of the foot. And wherever you are living on earth, the foot itself will have to carry your body or withstand the body weight by supporting on a relatively small area. The foot is subjected to great pressure loads. SGL-line is an expression of the tracing of center of pressure (CoP) through the structures of the foot, from the moment of heel-impact to toe push off. SGL-line is running through solid bones and strong connective tissues, where the foot is solidly constructed. And since most humans have approximately the same foot structures, the SGL-technology should be a proper solution for most people.


3. Can everyone use GaitLine shoes?

In general there are two aspects that should be taken into consideration when you are going to buy a pair of shoes.

First: The shoe has to fit well. The GaitLine shoe is constructed with a completely new last, where the anatomy and mechanical properties of the foot during dynamic loading (carrying the body weight during walking) is taken into consideration. There is provided good space for proper movements of knuckles and actions of muscles and tendons. We all know that some people have narrow feet, while others have wide feet. These aspects inspired The GaitLine Company to produce shoes with different widths and last-volumes, to make a proper shoe for most people.

Second: The other significant factor that must be considered when testing and buying a shoe is the mechanical outsole construction. Features of the outsole construction, together with the insole design are of great importance for the dialogue from the ground we’re walking on, into the plantar area of the foot. Rotational impulses from the outsole-system produce movements of knuckles and joints in the foot and are thus immediately determining the impact of the soft tissue in the foot and the action of the muscles controlling the foot and the ankle joint. The goal of the Sensory Gaitline Technology is to guide the knuckles and joints in the foot for optimal interactions and by so minimizing dysfunction.


4. Can I use customized insoles in The GaitLine shoes?

There is no problem to use customized insoles in the GaitLine shoes. You may remove the standard insole and insert your personal insoles. That written, we would point out that the outsole SGL-technology in GaitLine shoes is developed to positively influence a number of muscle and skeleton issues that normally are the arguments for buying a customized insole. These deviations include e.g. over-pronation, deviation in foot-arch and suffering from pain in joints, tendons, muscles and soft tissue. When you put on a pair of GaitLine shoes, you will immediately sense that the shoe has a significant corrective and positive effect on over-pronation as well as negative strain of the arches of the foot. The GaitLine shoe has immense effect on the wellness sensation in the foot. One factor that The GaitLine SGL construction might not influence properly is an exceptional high arch. People with a high-arched foot, as well as other specific deviations in anatomy of the foot, will most likely appreciate their customized insoles in The GaitLine shoe. One last piece of advice: Please make some wear-testing with the standard GaitLine insole, before making a final decision - shifting to customized insoles.