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A Walking
We’ve invented a new way to walk and it could change your life. That may sound like a big statement, but allow us to tell why it’s true. Have you ever really considered the effect that your walk (your gait) has on your mind and body? A good gait strengthens your posture and physical presence. A great gait, however, enhances your physical wellbeing—literally from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Håvard Engell, former professional ballet dancer and founder of GaitLine, knows this all too well. “Essentially”, he says, “a great gait is a matter of quality of life.” 

Most likely, you walk wrong. In fact, the majority of the urban population does. Gait patterns not only affect your posture, but can also be the cause of a variety of muscle and joint problems. It’s not an age thing; it’s a life-in-office-chairs, and walking-on-hard-surfaces thing—in other words, a consequence of modern life. Thankfully, better posture can now be found in GaitLine’s remarkable new shoe design. GaitLine is a revolutionary combination of design and performance, and it all started with an idea from, Håvard Engell. 

Walking the walk

During his dancing career, Håvard Engell gained a unique and practical understanding of human motor control and the body’s sensory system—an interest that evolved into a lifelong passion. He further developed this passion by studying for five years at The Norwegian University of Sports and Science, and later as a coach at the Olympic Sports Centre (OSC) in Oslo. For fifteen years, he was responsible for technical performance, and balance and injury prevention in more than thirty different sports. Ultimately, he coached a group of athletes that went on to achieve more than three hundred medals in Olympic and World Championships. With over forty years of experience, Engell is now a world-renowned expert on balance and gait, and he pours his experience into perfecting GaitLine’s footwear line.

GaitLine’s success is the result of Engell’s extensive expertise coupled with a strong focus on innovation. The shoe itself represents the meeting point between quality, design, and a performance technology that was specifically developed for Olympic athletes. Today, the shoes are available to anyone interested in improving their posture and physical wellbeing. 

Stylistically, GaitLine’s collection has a distinct Scandinavian aesthetic that ranges from the bold to the minimalistic—and features signature designs by acclaimed fashionista, Fam Irvoll, and artist and b-boy champion, Lars Undli. As GaitLine’s product range grows it becomes increasingly sought after by sneaker freaks, dancers, athletes and young professional’s alike.

A million dollar makeover

The core of GaitLine’s superior performance lies in the SGL sole—a technology Engell developed and patented during his time at OSC. To help athletes achieve superior balance and technical performance, Engell defined the optimal balance-axis along the foot and named it, “The Sensory Gait Line”—a longitudinal axis from heel to toe. When applied correctly it enhances a proper movement and weight distribution in the foot while standing and walking. 

So stop talking,
and get going.
- Havard Engell

With this implemented in the SGL sole, a GaitLine shoe is stimulating your body to become more aligned, more balanced and more functional. In short; GaitLine offers a million dollar makeover in a single pair of shoes.

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