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Scandinavian athletes and shoe scientists trust and prefer GAITLINE shoes to ensure the best rest and recovery for active bodies. #WALKOFACHAMPION



    My name is Martin Helseth. I’m a 25-year-old rower, born and raised in a small town on the north-western coast of Norway called Ålesund. I’ve always been fascinated by the sea and I enjoy using my body. So I met up at the local rowing club when I was 11, and since then, I’ve never looked back. Usually, I spend about 30h training every week with one goal – become the best in the sport in my heart. Until now the determined training has resulted in medals both at the world cup and at the U23 World Championships. Now I want to race for gold at the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

    “When you train as much I do, you become completely dependent on the right rest and recovery. GaitLine improves my restitution while helping me avoid muscle and joint imbalance during my everyday activities. Their shoes are designed to keep me in balance by getting the right load on my ankles, knees, hips and back with the unique SGL technology, it helps me avoid injuries and optimize my performance on the water."


    Alice Ulla Berg, a 22-year-old Norwegian sprinter, performing in both 100m & 200m. Born and raised on the west coast of Norway she has now moved to Oslo to combine her running with studies. Alice just finished the 2019 season with silver in both 100m and 200m in the Norwegian Championship. Her next goal and is a medal at the Universiade in China, 2021.

    “As a Sprinter, my feet are my instrument and shoes are the most important recovery tool that I use. When my feet can relax and get in the right position both my posture and gait are improving and my recovery is just that much better. With GaitLine shoes I’m getting the restitution I need to perform forward on the field and beyond. I’ve been a fan of their products since the first day I tried them on and have noticed improvements in my overall performance as a result of using GaitLine. And the design of the shoes is great and that is important to me – I get highfives on the look of the shoes every day.“


    Eirik Brandsdal, cross country skier ​in the Norwegian National Team since 2010. In his career so far he has been honored with gold in 9 World cup race​s and been on the podium 23 times. Competing in 2 Olympian- and 3 World Championships for Norway, and been Norwegian champion several times in both sprint and 50 Km. Eirik is a playful and comprehensive athlete with both experience and reflective practice. His skills and great personality have been important when developing the Norwegian sprint team over the years. As one of the “oldest” sprinters in the World Cup Circus, he finished third in 2019.

    “For me, it is important to think holistically. I learned, that it is the small details that distinguish the best from the next best. The more and better the habits and choices I make in my everyday life, the better results I get. It`s not very complicated, it just takes doing the right thing and studying what works… GaitLine is one of these better choices that work. The shoes help my body to get a proper gait and a superior posture. This helps keep me injury-free and provides a good rest between workouts. With the best rest and recovery, it will get me to feel 100 percent for every practice and every race in my in-season reaching for new goals."


    Synne Krokstad, CrossFit athlete with ambitions to win a medal in the CrossFit Games 2020 as an individual performer. For Synne CrossFit is her passion and she is reaching for higher goals each day. This far Synne is ranked 128 worldwide in her sport and 4th in Norway..

    “As a CrossFit athlete, I am constantly looking for great ways to maximize my potential. Achieving better restitution may seem simple, but there are so much research and science on how to best achieve quality recovery. This is where teaming with GaitLine made the most sense for me. GaitLine is the most comfortable shoes I`ve had for leisure. I appreciate how they combine science with sports performance and have a focus on helping athletes recover better, so we can perform better. After a long day of Coaching and training my legs don`t feel tired as before, and the shoes look good too – what more can I wish for? “