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Track Knit

USD 189.00
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The Track Knit features a light and breathable knitted fabric. This material is stretchy and adapts to the changing shape of your foot during a day. Together with seamless construction, this secures a superb fit. The heel counter is reinforced to allow a natural touchdown and push-off. In short, this shoe is perfect for any distance you like.

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USD 189.00


GaitLine is a footwear company of Norwegian origin specializing in innovative, advanced footwear.


Our products builds on the patented Sensory GaitLine Technology. SGL technology guides your foot throughout the whole step, optimizing your weight distribution, and enhances your whole physical performance — step by step.


All our shoes are full-faded and we use polyurethane material instead of EVA. The sustained life-time value will last longer and the polyurethane ensure the quality of our technology. Our patented SGL technology is the same in all our shoes, only divided between design and material.


Everyday performance, revolutionized.


Experience GaitLine, and join our walking revolution!


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Gender Women, Men
Fabric Knitted
Style Track Knit
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