The GaitLine™ shoe embodies the SGL™ sole, guiding your feet through every step.

Our patented SGL™ sole supports and guides your feet, helping you achieve optimal gait and body alignment.

Incorrect movement

incorrect movement

An inward rotated foot


often leads to overloading of the foot arch,


evoking a negative reaction from your foot, through the leg,


resulting in a series of muscular and skeletal disorders throughout your body.

Unfavorable pronation

A majority of the grown up urban population suffer from foot deviations affecting their posture and gait patterns. Most of our activities take place on stereotype and monotone surfaces, tedious and sedative to our bodies. This often results in unfavorable foot-pronation patterns that might evoke painful conditions such as:

  • Hallux Valgus
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel spur

Improper movement

The improper movement of the foot causes a negative chain reaction from the foot all the way to the top. Foot rotations trigger ankle rotations as well as rotations of lower leg, thigh, pelvic and spine. A serial of muscular and skeletal disorders may occur that is related to improper movement of the foot. These might lead to conditions like:

  • Knee pain
  • Hip and pelvic pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Chest and neck pain

Correct movement

correct movement

Natural foot position


enhances a balanced foot,


which results in optimal leg alignment,


and body symmetry!

Proper movement

GaitLine™ shoes are constructed to optimize your gait, enhancing a proper movement and weight distribution in the foot while standing and walking. We define the Sensory Gait Line (SGL™) as the optimal longitudinal balance axis from heel touch to toe off. By balancing along the SGL™ your body-mass is guided along solid bones and structures in the foot that facilitate an optimal dynamic interaction in the muscle- and skeleton-system.

Alignment and balance

The GaitLine™ shoe is stimulating your body to become more aligned, more balanced and more functional. Alignment and balance are preconditions for your everyday performance whether you are a professional athlete, a professional dancer or if you’re just aiming to get more out of your physical potential or improving your health.

From foot to brain

The GaitLine™ shoe-construction is developed to combine two critical aspects of human locomotion control:

  • Optimal biomechanical interaction of the bones and joints in the foot
  • Proper information from the sensory system of the foot (skin receptors, muscles spindles, joints receptors etc.)

The combination of proper biomechanics and sensory information is a premise for optimal motor control, to enhance symmetric body alignment, stability and balance. Every movement has an impact on the muscle and skeleton system, and the movement quality is controlled by complex sensory-motor interactions in the human brain. The GaitLine™ SGL™ technology is constructed to optimize the sensory-motor action, guiding the balance through the foot from heel touch to toe off.

From foot to brain