The GaitLine Journey: Where Olympic Expertise Meets Everyday wellness

Our Story

As a former professional ballet dancer and with 15 years of experience coaching Olympic athletes at Olympiatoppen, Håvard Engell, a Norwegian, witnessed the critical role that our feet play in our overall health and performance. He understood that proper foot function not only influences the grace of a ballet dancer and the performance of an athlete but can significantly impact everyone's daily comfort and long-term well-being.

From Vision to Reality: a Norwegian Endeavor Rooted in Foot Health

Engell was moved to share this treasure trove of knowledge and expertise with the world through his Norwegian company, Gaitline. His vision was clear and grounded in care: to create footwear technology that caters to the natural physiology of the foot, promoting symmetry and balance in the body with each step taken. Gaitline footwear is rooted in a deep understanding that the comfort of your feet reverberates positively through your entire body, from the ground up to your skull.

Crafting Excellence: GaitLine - Where Precision Meets Everyday Comfort

That’s how Gaitline, a Norwegian brand, was born. Our shoes are designed with precision based on studies and customer feedback, bringing the expertise from high-performance environments to your daily life. Every Gaitline shoe carries the essence of Engell’s experience, offering a level of support and comfort that speaks of mastery, understanding, and care.

But our shoes are more than just a comfortable choice; they are an invitation to step into well-being, to move with ease, and to embrace a daily life grounded in health and wellness. Gaitline footwear, from a Norwegian perspective, is about granting you the support and care that elite performers benefit from, making it accessible to everyone.

We inspire you to experience the difference that thoughtfully designed footwear can make

Gaitline isn’t just a shoe; it's a commitment to promoting harmonious movement and well-being in every step you take.Join us in stepping into a world of comfort and balance, rooted in expertise and crafted with care. Take a step towards a healthier, more comfortable walk through life.


I have had many Gaitline shoes over the years, and are the only shoe brand that I can wear for hours on hard surfaces, without getting tired or hurting my back. Indispensable :) This model (Motrion retro) also has a fantastic, cool design!


The best shoes I have ever had.. Uses a size 36 and has hallus valgus which makes me hurt very quickly. I am also a nurse and walk a lot. First time for my 44 years I bought shoes that fit perfectly and I have no pain at all. Recommend with all my heart.


The Worlds Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

The answer lies in the fact that the GaitLine shoe's sole technology corrects the foot's position and movement when you stand and walk. This affects the rest of the body.

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