Shoes for a sore back

Here you can read more about the causes of back pain and how GaitLine shoes can help solve the problem.

The foot and the back are parts of the same kinetic chain. The term "kinetic chain" refers to how muscles and joints interact throughout the body to produce movements. Some of the muscle chains are continuous from the foot to the head. In fact, the movements of the foot control rotations in bones and joints throughout the chain. The foot can, therefore, have a significant impact on your back health.

8 out of 10 customers report less back pain after a short period of use.

What is the connection between the foot and back pain?

When you walk or run, the foot rolls both forward and slightly inward (slight inward = normal pronation). The pronation movement in the foot helps to reduce shock from the ground and store elastic energy for further propulsion.

However, if the foot rolls too much inward (over-pronation), imbalances are created in the kinetic chain. Over-pronation can thus cause incorrect loads, pain, and injuries in both the pelvis and back.

A GaitLine shoe with lines illustrating the SGL technology

How can GaitLine help with back pain?

There are three factors in the GaitLine shoe's sole construction that help optimize the kinetic chain and reduce back pain:

The sole balances the heel bone when the heel meets the pressure from the surface. This ensures a good ankle joint movement. This has a positive effect on joint movements throughout the kinetic chain, including the spine joints.

The sole construction supports the foot arch in the midfoot. This reduces stress in important muscle chains up to the pelvis and lower back.

GaitLine technology creates foot balance. When the foot bears body weight in a balanced way, the interaction in the kinetic chain improves. Good foot balance can reduce back pain.

8 out of 10 customers report less back pain after a short period of use.

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