Corps de ballet dancer with New York City Ballet

“Being a professional ballet dancer, and recently dealing with a serious injury, GaitLine shoes have become a crucial part of my life. I don’t go anywhere without them, and honestly can’t see myself ever wearing a different sneaker! Sometimes as a dancer life can feel a bit out of control, but what you choose to put on your feet can make a huge difference… my GaitLines have taught me that!”

                                                                                   -  Alexa Maxwell ballet dancer at NYCB

Alexa Maxwell is a member of New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet. She was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and began her dance training at the age of four at Deanne’s Dance Studio.

Favorite hobby?

Outside of dancing, cooking, and baking! The two of them together are very similar to ballet when you compare. Cooking takes artistry and creativity, while baking requires precision and technique! 

Why do you wear GaitLine shoes?

I wear GaitLine sneakers because there is genuinely no other shoe comparable to them on the market. It is one of those feelings that is hard to explain, but when you try them on, you will instantly feel the difference! 

What benefits does wearing GaitLine shoes give you?

GaitLine shoes leave my body feeling well taken care of. As a dancer (or any person really), I can be on my feet for many hours in the day. Over the years, and through dealing with injuries, I realize how essential it is to take care of my foot. Wearing GaitLine ensures stability, support, and proper alignment from the ground up, literally! I know that I am doing everything possible for my feet and body when I put on these shoes. And they are cute too :) 

How important are GaitLine shoes in your daily living?

GaitLine's are pretty crucial to my daily living. I wear them every single day of my life and often wear them around the theater, to rehearsals, to the store, and even around the house! Everyone in my family now has them too. Although they aren't dancers, they also feel the benefits of such a well made shoe. We are all hooked! 

Any other tips for healthy living?

My tip for healthy living has always been trying to find a balance. It is easy for us to get caught up in dancing, working, school, family, social life, or whatever we are doing. That said, I think the key to an overall healthy mindest is finding the balance between it all. I once heard someone say, "Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody," and this couldn't be more true! We are all different and need certain things out of life. Once you find what works for you, you are on the road to a better and healthier life!