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Corps de ballet dancer with New York City Ballet

"Ever since I started wearing Gaitline sneakers they have become a part of my everyday life. Being a professional ballet dancer comes with long hours on my feet, so having a supportive street shoe makes all the difference. With my Gaitlines I feel like I am walking on a cloud all day long. They are the best sneaker out there!”

                                                                                   -  Ashley Hod, ballet dancer at NYCB

Ashley Hod is a member of New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet. She was born in Great Neck, New York and began her dance training at the age of four at the Great Neck School of Dance.

Favorite hobby?

My favorite hobby outside of ballet would have to be long walks with my dogs through the park or to the dog run. It's a great way for me to be outdoors with my pups and spend quality time with my boyfriend Andy, who is also a dancer with the company.

Why do you wear GaitLine shoes?

I wear Gaitline shoes because of the support they gave me during a very difficult time in my life when I injured my ankle in 2018 and could not dance for a year. This was when I discovered Gaitline, and after seeing how much relief they brought me, I have never bought another sneaker or athletic shoe again. I also discovered how stylish the shoes are, and how many different outfits I can pair my Gaitlines with. I have Gaitlines to wear to the studio, when I am exercising, and even when I dress up to head out to dinner with friends!

What benefits does wearing GaitLine shoes give you?

GaitLine shoes helped me discover the importance in walking with a correct gait, which is something I didn't even know about before I found these shoes! I am someone who naturally pronates inward toward the arch of my foot, and that was a huge contributor to my ankle injury. My GaitLines automatically correct my gait in order to protect all the ligaments and tendons in my feet. I also noticed how much better my calves feel when I wear my GaitLines compared to another shoe. After a long day on my feet it's natural for the calves to feel swollen and stiff, but with my GaitLines it truly feels like I am walking on a cloud. I am a very active person that does not like to sit down, and I am no longer feeling soreness in my lower legs because of how lifted and supported I feel all day!

How important are GaitLine shoes in your daily living?

My GaitLines are extremely important in my daily life! I can honestly say that I wear them almost every single day. And for the year that I was injured, I did not put anything on my foot except for GaitLines. I just kept purchasing different styles and colors because I fell so in love with the product and the results they produced. Currently, I wear my GaitLines to the grocery store, when I am training at home, when I take my dogs for long walks, and on outings with friends. They truly are an integral part of my daily life, and I have gotten so many friends and family members to join the GaitLine team as well!

Any other tips for healthy living?

Other than following a healthy and active lifestyle filled with nutritious food and exercise, something that I would recommend for healthy living would be to pay attention to your gait. This was something I did not do for a long time, and I was completely unaware of the strain I was putting on my feet through walking incorrectly. This is something that GaitLine has fixed for me naturally because of the technology of the shoe, but for anyone that is wearing something differently, pay attention to how you walk and the effects it has on your body. I promise it will make a huge difference!