Ignite PRO

Experience the comfort of our new sole foam

IGNITE PRO started as a project aimed at developing a lighter shoe that offered improved cushioning and responsiveness. The objective was to provide a unique walking experience while promoting positive health effects, with a special emphasis on durability and future recyclability.

Ultra-light shoes with long-lasting durability

After a two-year collaboration between the team at GaitLine, our factory, industrial design studio Permafrost, 3D designers at Pivot Product Design, and Norwegian Alpine Skier Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, we are proud to unveil our new innovation: IGNITE PRO, our new sole material in the World Cup Pro and Advance PRO shoe models. This must-try footwear is made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) and its granular-based sole is constructed from thousands of small balls that are molded into shape using steam. This steam-based process eliminates the need for additional chemicals in the sole production, making it more environmentally friendly. Additionally, IGNITE PRO is 100% recyclable, though there is currently no solution for recycling shoe soles. Nevertheless, we are prepared for future developments in this area.

Extremely comfortable and unique rebounce

• 74% more rebounce. This is measured by dropping a metal ball on the sole. The height the ball reaches after leaving the sole gives the rebounce effect of the material. 74% is the same rebounce as measured in Pebax.

• 30% longer durability. This is measured in relation to standard EVA and the lifespan of the sole.

• 30% lighter. This is measured in relation to PU, which is the sole material that Gaitline has used in all shoes until this launch.

• Drop from heel to forefoot is 6 mm.

The sole consists of 4 components. There is the midsole, nylon shank, filler, which is an extra cushioning material that lies over the shank, and finally the outsole with our characteristic arch roller. The shoe also has the patented SGL technology that is in all GaitLine shoes. This shoe can really handle any distance you want to walk. It thrives especially well on asphalt and other hard surfaces.