Soloist ballet dancer with New York City Ballet

"I really love wearing my GaitLine sneakers. They have changed my life”

                                                                                   -  Indiana Woodward ballet dancer at NYCB

Indiana Woodward was born in Paris, France and began her dance training at the age of ten at the Yuri Grigoriev School of Ballet in Venice, California. She is a soloist dancer with NYCB..

Favorite hobby?

Boogie boarding and baking

Why do you wear GaitLine shoes?

I wear GaitLines because they keep my feet and body stable when walking, and they are super stylish! 

What benefits does wearing GaitLine shoes give you?

My GaitLine shoes keep the alignment of my lower legs straight while walking. They are miraculous for healing when my body feels stress reactions or muscle fatigue. As well as a feeling like I have a constant cushion supporting my feet when I walk.

How important are GaitLine shoes in your daily living?

GaitLines are so important to me in my daily life because they give me the stability in my lower legs and back to climb any mountain in life.

Any other tips for healthy living?

A health tip: I recommend starting your day with a little bit of lemon water. It helps with any germs that may have traveled your way during your sleep as well as soothing upset stomachs from anything including having too much ice cream. Which happens to me often!