Marthe Strandbakke missed an everyday shoe that could withstand the hard surface the body is exposed to, both for herself and not least for her patients.

Marthe is a physiotherapist in private practice and teaches anatomy. Get to know her better and her favorite shoes from GaitLine, which she believes make it easier for people to have a more active everyday life and a healthier body.


As a physiotherapist, Strandbakke meets many people who are looking for a pain-free and comfortable life. Whether it concerns the prevention of discomfort or the long-term relief of pain, Strandbakke works to provide patients with the right tools that can lead to rapid improvements in everyday life. One of the tools she often recommends is shoes from GaitLine.

"Regardless of whether you walk a little or a lot, GaitLine is a shoe I recommend to everyone, as it has a solid sole, is comfortable, usable and, not least, it can reduce and prevent musculoskeletal problems."

She explains that the GaitLine shoe immediately improves the mobility of the foot, resulting in a more optimal posture when standing and walking. In this way, the shoes can help to reduce and prevent ailments, not only in the feet, but also in the rest of the body.


I always try to give my patients good tools to create quick changes in their everyday lives. One of my most important recommendations is the use of GaitLine shoes. "Whether you walk a little or a lot, GaitLine is a shoe I recommend to everyone - it has a robust sole, is comfortable, practical, and most importantly it can reduce and prevent musculoskeletal problems."

The best GaitLine shoes according to the physiotherapist

Marthe has tested several GaitLine models and shares here some of her favourites!

For indoor activities on hard floors, whether as a teacher or therapist, she prefers the light and airy Track Knit model, shown in the product carousel in the color Chocolate/White.

In winter she prefers the Silver Mid TRX. This winter shoe is available in several colours, both for women and men. She alternates between using the colorful variant in beige and the more muted variant in dark brown, as shown in the picture.

Fysioterapeut Marthe Strandbakke går langs vei på vinterstid med brune Silver Mid GaitLine sko på

Meet Marthe Strandbakke

Today, she is employed by Nydalen Chiropractic and Physiotherapy, after becoming an authorized physiotherapist in 2016. Strandbakke has worked at the clinic since then, with her background from education in Copenhagen. Before becoming a physiotherapist, she was an active athlete, particularly in handball and football. Strandbakke also trained as a muscle therapist at Axelsons in 2010, a personal trainer in 2011 and a dietitian in 2012.