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Soloist ballet dance with New York City Ballet

Unity Phelan was born in Princeton, New Jersey and began her dance training at the age of five at the Princeton Ballet School. She is a soloist dancer with NYCB.

Favorite hobby?

I love working out and cooking. Cooking after a show always makes me feel good and grounds me.

Why do you wear GaitLine shoes?

I learned at an early age that smart footwear is important for dancers. GaitLine shoes are the smartest shoes I have ever put on my feet. After a long day of dancing on my toes, putting on my GaitLines is like letting my feet take a deep breath. 

What benefits does wearing GaitLine shoes give you?

My feet feel very supported whenever I wear my GaitLines. Having high arches, these shoes are a life saver. They help me walk longer, run more comfortably and are my favorite shoes for daily wear. 

How important are GaitLine shoes in your daily living?

GaitLine Shoes are the only shoes I wear on a daily basis. They are the longest lasting shoes I have ever had as well. Knowing that I will be comfortable all day in my GaitLines is very reassuring when I leave the house in the morning. 

Any other tips for healthy living?

For me, being active every day is so important. Making sure you go on a walk, run, lift weights or simply play with your dog can lift your mood and make you feel better. I find getting my blood pumping every day makes me a happier and more energetic person all around.