Meet the gaitline ambassadors from the New York City Ballet

Meet Alexa Maxwell, Ashley Hod, Unity Phelan, and Indiana Woodward: accomplished ballet dancers from the New York City Ballet, each with a unique background and dedication to their craft.

These remarkable dancers not only share a passion for ballet but also embrace a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They all swear by the comfort and support of GaitLine shoes, which have become an essential part of their daily routine, offering stability and alignment for their feet.

Outside the world of ballet, they indulge in hobbies ranging from cooking and baking to walking with dogs and boogie boarding. Join us as we delve into the profiles of these talented artists and explore how they maintain their grace both on and off the stage.

Alexa Maxwell

Meet Alexa Maxwell, an illustrious member of the New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet from Minneapolis. Trained from age four, Alexa’s grace captivates on stage. Offstage, she finds solace in cooking and baking, and swears by the support of GaitLine shoes, which she believes are essential in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle for a dancer.

Ashley Hod

Introducing Ashley Hod, a spirited corps de ballet dancer with the New York City Ballet, hailing from Great Neck, New York. She attributes her recovery from an ankle injury to the support and style of GaitLine shoes, which she believes not only align her gait but also keep her feet comfortable and her style on point.

Indiana Woodward

Introducing Indiana Woodward, a soloist with the New York City Ballet, who began her ballet journey in Paris and Venice, California. When she's not dancing, Indiana indulges in boogie boarding and baking. She chooses GaitLine shoes for their stylish design and stability. These shoes provide alignment and cushioning, which help her combat muscle fatigue and stress.

Unity Phelan

Meet Unity Phelan, a vibrant soloist with the New York City Ballet, who hails from Princeton, New Jersey. A lover of cooking and working out, Unity knows the significance of smart footwear and finds solace in GaitLine shoes after her performances. The support GaitLine shoes offer, especially for her high arches, makes them her exclusive choice for daily wear. Unity believes in an active lifestyle, encouraging everyone to indulge in physical activities to maintain energy and positivity.